Created in 1985, Belgagri SA has been taken over in 1995 by Vincent Samain.  Through years, Belgagri became a major actor on biocides market defending active ingredients like Azamethiphos and Cyromazine under the European Biocide Regulation Products.  Since beginning of 2018, Belgagri focus his activities on registrations and another subsidiaries of the group took over the commercial activity : BIOSIX SA.


With more than 400 product registrations, BIOSIX is now present in more than 40 countries around the world. The development of our network of contacts is always driven by goal to build strong relationships of trust with our partners.


We adapt ourselves to guaranty full satisfaction of customers on our services and products.

Our sales team is at your service!


Belgagri becomes Biosix!

You have known Belgagri, the pest control specialist, for more than 20 years. Since the acquisition in 1995, Belgagri has undergone an important evolution: from a small SME active in the Belgian agricultural world, Belgagri has grown into an internationally active company with many fields of application: animal husbandry, pest control professionals, gardening and housing,…

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More organic in biocides

The garden market has been mutating for a number of years. Whether we are dealing with recent regulatory changes or new consumer habits, we need to be more innovative than ever. This innovation must enable us to propose effective and practical solutions for consumers, but also solutions that comply with the regulations.

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